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Paula Hanson


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You can earn promotion faster by learning nine essential PR management skills!

Senior management will value you more.

Kim Harrison

From: Kim Harrison
Nov 18, 2017

Are you a public relations officer looking for promotion? Have you been asking yourself, “How can I become a PR manager?”

Are you a public relations manager who wants to improve your management skills?

Do you want to know how to run your PR department more effectively?

Have you moved into public relations management from another position, or have you been brought in from outside and aren’t sure how best to run the PR group?

What happens when senior management and even company directors want your advice? Do you have a proven technique for advising senior managers and the executive committee? Do you know the best way to go about board communication?

Do you want to learn how to deal with corporate politics? Do you know how important the ‘dominant coalition’ of senior management are to your career?

Can you manage staff effectively? How do you succeed in productive performance management of your staff?

These are some of the questions faced by public relations officers and managers everywhere.

The problem is that PR courses and PR literature don’t mention the situations you face as a manager and a leader in your organization. They focus on the skills of public relations, not PR management skills.

Conversely, management literature and management courses don’t guide you on how best to handle the unique role of a PR manager.

As a result, most PR practitioners have had to learn the hard way - by trial and error - how to survive corporate politics, how to become a trusted adviser to management and how to run the PR department effectively.

I know these things. As a PR manager and consultant myself, I’ve had to learn from experience, from talking with others and from reading many management books and articles.

And I continue to see PR people needing to learn these same skills.

I’ve learnt the hard way about how to advise senior management, how to thread my way through corporate politics and understand what motivates the dominant coalition.

I know what makes an effective PR department because I’ve been in PR for 27 years - 12 years as a public relations manager and 15 years as a consultant, including the past 9 years running my own consultancy.

How do I know best practice in PR? Among other things as a corporate PR manager, I participated in a benchmarking study conducted by a highly respected national management consultancy, which reviewed all the activities of my PR branch and compared them against some of the best known organizations in my own country, Australia.

My PR branch performance was compared with banks, mining companies, retailers, oil companies and utilities. To be honest, it was a bit of a nerve-wracking experience – PR people don’t have much opportunity to compare themselves directly against others, and I wasn’t sure how I would shape up against some of the best in the world.

I was rather relieved to find my PR branch management stacked up well when compared with other organizations.

Participation in the project wasn’t cheap: it cost $20,000 to participate, but the results were reassuring.

What’s more, I have kept the 141-page report and have given you some of the best information in this series of ebooks, including this one.

My knowledge is valued by the profession - my 627-page book, Strategic Public Relations, is the textbook for six university PR courses.

I have lectured part-time in public relations at a university for six years.

I’m also a qualified business coach, guiding PR managers on their strategic planning and performance management.

Keeping up with the latest international management trends

In addition, I keep up to date with the world’s latest business and management trends by subscribing to publications from some of the world’s best management advisers and consultants:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania
  • McKinsey & Co management consultants
  • Boston Consulting Group management consultants
  • Booz Allen Hamilton management consultants
  • Watson Wyatt Worldwide HR consultants
  • Mercer Human Resource Consultants
  • Towers Perrin HR Services
  • and dozens of other specialist public relations, marketing, Web marketing, advertising, and trendwatching publications.

But don’t just listen to me!

Here is some feedback from readers about this ebook:

“I enjoyed the text and believe it should be required reading for people who have had a few years experience and need a no-nonsense guide to help them broaden their thinking and tap into the management and strategic levels.”
- Dr Gae Synnott, FPRIA, academic, consultant and former senior PR manager.

“It is very relevant…and practical. The complexity of some areas of practice is simply illustrated and discussed…”
- Lea Kingdon, internal change consultant

“Through his free flowing and engaging presentational style and use of case studies and detailed check lists, Kim Harrison has succeeded in providing both a philosophical framework and an invaluable hands-on guide.”
- Keith Kessell, General Manager Public Affairs

“The ebook really is a great resource, and one that I always recommend.”
- Iwona Polski, Communications Advisor

“This is just a note of congratulations on your EXCELLENT ebook! …Very impressed with it.”
- Brenda Gale, MBA student and former Operations Manager

A wealth of practical tips and guidelines!

  • This ebook is written from my own hard-won experience – I’ve personally worked in public relations for 27 years – 12 years as a corporate public relations manager and 15 years as a PR consultant including the past 9 years running my own PR consulting business – and so I know this is practical information that will work in the real world for you.
  • Expert knowledge. I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours researching during the past 8 years for my book, Strategic Public Relations, and this ebook series. I keep right up to date with business trends by subscribing to the top online business and management journals in the world.
  • Convenient information at your fingertips – you can print it as hard copy instantly.
  • Instantly downloadable - You can start applying the information right away.
  • Concise – no waffle or jargon. The text gets straight to the point so you make the best use of your time.
  • Easy to read and understand. You know exactly what to do – it’s been tried and tested for you.
  • Value for money – affordable practical knowledge. Your employer should be glad to reimburse you for the cost of the valuable information in this ebook.
  • Easy to pay online through WorldPay and Marketer's Choice Shopping Cart - you can use Visa card, MasterCard or American Express to make your payment.
  • Secure – all payments are processed by WorldPay, which is wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the fifth largest bank in the world. Security of your funds is protected by maximum-strength encryption.

What I give you here can’t easily be found elsewhere. Public relations textbooks may be good on communication theory but they don’t cover the practical aspects of learning to be a street-smart public relations practitioner.

You can hone your practical skills as a PR practitioner by reading this ebook.

If you follow the guidelines outlined in this ebook, senior management will be most impressed at your public relations management expertise!

In your PR role, you may be faced with many complex, interrelated issues and you may have to struggle with a limited budget. This ebook shows you how to get the best out of your PR team with limited resources.

Practical techniques to hone your PR management skills

In this ebook I give you street-smart techniques that will earn respect from your peers and senior management.

I explain what a strategic role is and how you act strategically.

I show you how to use a powerful technique to influence senior management’s decisions.

I outline the research results that reveal what makes an excellent PR department.

And I show you how to measure PR performance.

What’s more, I have included lots of examples and samples of various aspects of writing objectives and measuring performance.

In addition, I have shown how key performance indicators work at a PR department and individual level.

Here’s what you get in this ebook

  • Why a strategic approach will make you more effective
  • Learn the insider’s secrets to making a valued contribution to strategic decision-making.
  • How to become a skilled adviser to senior management so they accept your advice.
  • 12 ways to make your senior managers look good – and you will get their support much more readily.
  • Understand and gain from corporate politics so you can maximize your effectiveness.
  • How to identify where the formal and informal power lies within your organization.
  • Use this 7-step process for taking account of power factors when implementing decisions – and you will get great results.
  • Understand the 14 characteristics of the astute corporate political player so you can improve your own effectiveness.
  • Appreciate how to work successfully with the dominant coalition.
  • Learn how you can best advise your new CEO.
  • The paradox of reaching the top: CEOs don’t have unlimited power. What this means to you as a communicator.
  • The CEO is the key to corporate reputation: highlight the CEO’s strengths, but don’t oversell.
  • Learn the 9 key CEO attributes that matter most to stakeholders.
  • Know what to say to stakeholders when the CEO departs.
  • Good communication will make the board of directors more effective.
  • How you can best communicate board decisions.
  • Communication opportunities can arise from understanding the growing role of the board in corporate governance and corporate reputation issues.
  • Learn the six ways you can become a good team leader.
  • Discover the 9 ways you can take on a wider leadership role in your organization.
  • Find out the 8 secrets effective managers use to turn decisions into reality.
  • Understand the ways you can strengthen your PR management skills.
  • What makes an excellent PR department - the ten special traits of organizations that have successful communication programs.
  • How a more strategic outlook pays off for PR people.
  • An envied skill - how to set measurable objectives and evaluate PR performance.
  • What management by objectives (MBO) involves. The MBO technique. Pitfalls in MBO.
  • The three broad types of communication goals explained.
  • Guidelines for setting objectives.
  • Different types of objectives explained.
  • How to set specific objectives and measure results.
  • Examples of measurable objectives in PR projects.
  • Find out the crucial questions to ask in measuring PR branch performance.
  • Develop effective key performance indicators for better outcomes
  • The influence of management consultant Peter Drucker with KPIs
  • Examples of a PR KPI based on Drucker’s principles.
  • How to develop public relations branch KPIs
  • Sample KPIs for public relations activities.
  • Case study – satisfaction ratings for a PR branch.
  • Example KPI for a PR program.
  • Relationship between a PR KPI, a PR program objective and supporting PR activities.
  • Performance management of staff – a vital managerial tool to master.
  • Practical steps to developing staff member KPIs.

How much would it be worth to you to implement just one of these skills in your job?

What if you used just three ideas from this ebook in the next 12 months?

With this ebook, you have the potential to achieve great things for yourself.

Your PR department could run more effectively. You would be able to better analyze your team’s progress, you could better manage your staff and prove the value of your team’s efforts.

You could deal more comfortably with your CEO and senior management. They would approve more of your recommendations and they would involve you more in their decision-making. They would look at you with new respect. You would get a promotion more easily.

You get all this potential for only US$19.50!

Why is this great value?

This ebook gives you an insider’s understanding of how to run an effective PR department and provide top advice to senior management. You can use this knowledge straight away – instantly!

I have based this information on my own practical knowledge gained over 27 years PLUS my extensive research of the communication literature in the past 8 years.

For only US$19.50I am sharing with you the some of the secrets of world’s best PR practice, which cost me $20,000 in the benchmarking study in which I participated!

This ebook stays on the point. I don’t waffle. I keep your practical application of this information in my mind the whole way.

No other source contains this career-boosting information in the one place. This ebook is the distillation of gems of information learned over the years.

This ebook tells you what you never learn in PR courses or PR books. I have never seen it covered succinctly for the unique needs of PR people anywhere else!

You get a 100% money-back guarantee!

You have this genuine 12-month guarantee:

If you are not fully satisfied with this ebook for any reason, just request your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase and I will return your purchase price in full – no questions asked. Well…actually I would very politely enquire why, to help improve the future content.

Why would I take such a risk and possibly let people take advantage of me?

Well, I go by the experience with my book, Strategic Public Relations. People thought my book provided great value for money! From the thousands of sales of my book over the past five years, I have had no requests for refunds – only a couple of requests for credits when books were damaged in the mail!

That’s not all!

These three special bonuses give you even more value!

When you buy this ebook, you get the following great bonuses:

Free article on how to run effective meetings


Free article on how to swing the decisions in meetings to your way


Free article on how to brainstorm ideas for best results

These bonuses will help you make an impact immediately!

If you act immediately you will receive these bonuses right now! The bonuses will make you look really professional.

Act now!

It’s easy to order!


Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison
Principal, Cutting Edge PR

PS Don’t just take my word about this ebook. Here is what a highly respected marketing consultant had to say about it:

“Your content is very in-depth. Compared to other ebooks you have lots to offer.”
- Mitch Tarr, Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing Center

PPS Other great ebooks are also available here. Just click here to find out the range of other topics in this Cutting Edge PR series.

Note: Australian customers - your purchase price includes 10% GST